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dence on triangle co we begin with breaking news out of richmond. police are investigating a triple homicide at a residence on triangle court. all three people were found murdered inside a single room, inside an apartment, all were shot to death, all three are men. one of the victims is apparently a resident. the location is the public housing project in richmond's iron triangle neighborhood. police received a call to the location just before 4:30. again, three men, found murdered inside an apartment, in richmond's iron triangle neighborhood. we have a crew on the scene and we will bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. tonight, we are hearing from another survivor of the fishing trip tragedy last weekend off baja california. charles gibson is now sharing his harrowing experience with local media. we have more on the story. >> after i saw the ship pointed this direction, just like the titanic, it went slowly down into the water.
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>> charles gibson is the latest returning bay area survivor, describing the last image he had of the sinking ship. >> i saw the ocean and the wind and the high waves. and at that point, a huge wave came and knocked me off the ship and i was in the water. >> it was that huge wave caused by a sunday storm that capsized the 115-foot boat in a matter of seconds. all 27 passengers and crew were tossed into the sea of cortez. just off the coast of mexico. >> there is a lot of chaos. because it was pitch black. the ship went down. and it was dark. and there was a smell of diesel, the burning fuel on your body. not knowing where you were. >> reporter: at first, gibson and several of the crew and passengers clung together, using life vests and coolers like these. despite their team work, the force of the violent waves finally broke them apart. now, alone, gibson, who was dehydrated, bloody and bruised, swam 15 hours, and finally
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reached land. >> when the third wave came, i rolled and crawled and i was on the island. >> gibson says he crawled as far away from the ocean as he could. and hours later he flagged down two fishermen who took him to the nearest island. gibson knows he is among the lucky but holds on to hope that the others will be found alive. >> if i made it to an island, they can. and i just hope they're somewhere on one of those islands out there, waiting to be helped. >> cbs 5. tomorrow the search continues for the remaining missing men. the mexican authorities asked the u.s. to send specialized diving teams to help in the search. they are scheduled to arrive in mexico tomorrow. a full week after the accident. a 17-year-old is in custody tonight, after the chp says he stole a hummer. led them on a chase through vallejo. and crashed into several cars. the chp picked up the chase on i-80. when fairfield police alerted them and quickly headed into the local streets of vallejo. the hummer struck the first car
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when turning off redwood parkway. on to broadway. four people were in that car. and including a 5-year-old who suffered serious head injuries. >> in that car was a 5-year-old boy who did receive major head trauma and was transported by air to children's hospital. >> the boy's mother was also injured. police say the 17-year-old driver also hit three more cars, injuring eight more people. he eventually rolled the hummer and was arrested. he is being held on several charges. police say a hayward man who severely beat up a man and then fired at police officers and then tried to take his own life is in critical condition tonight. officers tracked the man to an apartment on cypress avenue. at the complex, people say the man fired several shots at them, but they didn't return fire because of children in his car. and during an hour of negotiations, the man shot himself in the head. tonight, he is hospitalized. one of six people wounded in a series of shootings thursday
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noyt has died. during a 90-minute period, there were four shootings, in the same area of oakland. and there is no indication they were connected. police are not releasing the names or of any of the victims or of a possible motive. the man who died was wounded in the 7100 block of international boulevard. well, today is the first day of the oakland police department's reorganization. the idea, to deal with higher crime, with fewer officers. among the changes, no more motorcycle officers. they've all been shifted to patrol cars. also, 15 sergeants will be moved into patrol. the department is splitting coverage of the city into two geographic regions instead of three. police in east palo alto have managed to get dozens of guns off the streets without leaving the station. anne makovec has more on what police say is a successful gun buyback. >> show me the money. >> reporter: this man came to
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the gun buyback in east palo alto for two reasons, cash and conscience. >> i'm here to do the right thing. >> reporter: he is turning in two handguns. >> somebody owed me something. . >> reporter: they gave you two guns? >> as collateral. >> reporter: the guns are in police custody, no questions asked. each gun exchanged for a $100 gift card. though many here are worth much more than that. >> do you know how much it is worth? >> i think it is about like $600. . >> you're turning it in for $100? why? >> no use for it. >> i wanted it to be removed in the proper way. that's the most important thing. >> this man drove an hour from concord to cash in on an old rifle that doesn't even work. >> hey, i can get $100 for it, that's about $99 more than it was worth. >> do you feel as if your program might be taken advantage of? >> no, no, when somebody shows up with 50 guns, and they're all fairly working, maybe a gun for concord, absolutely not. >> reporter: the guns they've seen turned in today, a wide
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range from simple handguns to semi-automatic military style rifles. now they will all be burned. the program funded by city money and grant money was in place for years, put in place by an accidental shooting of a 2-year-old. >> is there a magazine to go with it? >> they want fewer of them around. >> why are you getting rid of them? >> i don't need them. i have the police to protect me. >> reporter: in east palo alto, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> police tell us people turned in 75 guns today. . checking out bay area headlines san jose's police chief is reassuring the public that a partnership with federal immigration agents to coming bat gang violence will not result in a witch hunt for illegal immigrants. she showed up at a protest last night, by some concerned community leaders. and now they say the feds will be closely supervised. and san jose's murder rate is already twice what it was for
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all of last year. most of the killings blamed on gangs. golden gate ferry riders won't be seeing ticket agents at larkspur and san francisco anymore. the bridge district is eliminating seven full-time positions. tickets will be available from vending machines installed months ago. special tickets to at&t park, on game days, will be sold by agents in larkspur at the ballpark and online. a pledge belligerent pit bull had to be forcibly removed from a restaurant last night. the dog wandered into the fish king at 65th and international at 9:00. someone tried pepper spray but the dog stayed. police and animal control showed up and with considerable effort they dragged the dog out. no word on who owns that dog. a color controversy that has a bay area business owner seeing red. why his colleagues say he needs to tone it down.
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and in a town overflowing with celebrity, the two superstars that has even hollywood's biggest stars buzzing. well, we do have a very slight chance of some drizzle along the coast. and increasing marine layer and cooler temperatures. the complete pinpoint forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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enough real food to feed a family of 4 or more for just 20 bucks. today is a kfc day. today tastes so good. san rafael some say it is garish. others call it appealing. the colors outside pizza orgasmata is anything but appealing and many are at odds with the business and many businesses complain it needs to be toned down. >> it needs to be vibrant. >> we cannot have black and blue. >> yellow is like one of the colors that people want to eat when they see it. it is one of those great colors to give you an appetite. >> it is a little much. >> another restaurant around the corner has been added to tone it down.
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the pizza place says they will repaint the building more mellow yellow. prince william in south california led his victim in a charity celebrity polo match. a bit of a diversion to promote british business ties to the united states. sandra hughes has more on the royal fascination. >> welcome to santa barbara for the first time, his royal highness, the duke of cambridge. >> reporter: prince william dazzled spectators at the santa barbara polo and racquet club while his wife catherine watched from the sidelines. the match benefited the prince's charitable foundation. >> to help young people to find purpose in life. it is a key element to the foundation that catherine, harry and i have established. >> reporter: it was also a chance for americans to rub elbows with the royals. a reported $100,000 to play in the match. and 4,000 to hobnob at the luncheon. or $400 for the cheap seats. and a lun -- lun inch a box.
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>> they were good hosts and we know how to show them a good time. >> the prince number four led his team to victory scoring four goals and a good thing too. >> i'm not a good loser. >> the dutchess of cambridge did the honors presenting a tiffany trophy to the team. >> reporter: after the match, the duke and dutchess were whisked away by helicopter. and they will honor young british filmmakers and hollywood royalty as company. >> a list actors are clamoring for the invites. >> it has gone fantastically well as you can see from the footage and the pictures and i know they're loving it and i know they were very excited when they left. >> so are their fans. sandra hughes, santa barbara. maybe you noticed summer has disappeared into the fog. erika martin has the pinpoint forecast. and the silver lining to the tsunami damage in santa cruz, and how some people will benefit
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from the damage left behind. ,,
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new hope tonight, for the santa cruz harbor badly damaged by the march tsunami. thanks to a $1.4 million federal grant, there are now 57 new jobs
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available. a position repairing tsunami damage could be yours. officials are now taking applications. the work though is temporary. lasting a few months. and paying up to $12,000. well, today feels so much cooler than yesterday. wait until you hear erika's forecast. >> it is getting cooler. we started off the week with triple digits and now end it rather cool. in fact about 10 to 15 degrees below average. and we are seeing a lot of clouds working their way into the forecast region. so as we take a quick look outside, we are going to see the low clouds making their way in and seeing a cold front that is making its way down from the gulf of alaska, and the head of a low, and what is happening here, is we're getting the marine buildup layer and it pushes into the system and what we will see is buildup of the clouds and the low dips down. decreasing the daily highs. and then we will see the cooldown and the forecast for much of the region. mostly sunny inland. gusts up to 22 miles per hour.
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low clouds and breezy conditions for the bay. a very slight chance of drizzle for the coast as the low starts to be introduced into the region. santa rosa, your overnight low is 47 degrees. 52 for oakland. fremont, 53 and livermore. the expected overnight low 54 degrees. these are just a bit cooler. the temperature is trending on the cooler side as well. 79 is the expected high for millipitas. union city, 72. san jose, 80 degrees. so these are cooler temperatures. 86 for brentwood. antioch, 84 degrees. santa rosa at 77. and bodega bay 57 for you. and vallejo, 76 degrees. these are all temperatures that are definitely trending below average. cooler than average. that's all due to that low pressure system ha is working its way into the forecast. what we will see is the trend continuing, as the temperatures steadily decline through the beginning part of the workweek and toward the end of the week, we will feel warmer temperatures, so we do have to contend with the cooler
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temperatures, and those chances of drizzle along the coast. but then here is the silver lining. warming up by the end of the week. >> we will take the warmup. it is summer after all. >> yes. here is kim with sports. >> a good time for the all-star, break? calamity at the park. which giants pitcher going to the all-star game has the lowest e.r.a.? and derek jeter is the 28th player in baseball history to reach 3,000 hits. sports is next. ,,,,,,
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greatest players in history put on the pinstripes... b the new york yankees have had some of the greatest players in history put on the pinstripes. but none of them ever reached 3,000 hits until today. . >> derek jeter got his first hit on may 30 of 1995. a single to the left side off tim belcher. 17 years later, we stand at the precipice of history. that is good. deep to left field. going back. joyce looking up. see ya! 3,000! history! with an exclamation point. >> the yankees captain becomes the second player ever to hit a homer for his 3,000th hit. he gets mobbed by his teammates and the day didn't end there. jeter finished the game five for five and drove in the game-winning run in the 8th. as the yankees beat the rays 5-4. and yes, jeter did get the ball
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back from the fan that caught it. >> i do have the ball. i held it. it feels like all the rest of them. [ laughter ] >> actually i didn't think about it. someone, i forget who, someone said you got to try to get that ball back and that was the last thing on my mind. really, after it was all said and done, i was saying, i hope it doesn't rain. because we weren't through five innings yet. >> derek jeter has done it! in grand style! >> you want to hit the ball hard. i mean i didn't want to hit a slow roller to third base and have that be replayed forever. >> i felt a lot of pressure to do it here while we're at home. so i have been lying to you for quite some time. to be the only yankee to do it, to be the only yankee to do anything is pretty special, if i were the leader of strike-outs, i would be happy about it,
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because so many people have played here. the last 10 are the hardest to get and it took me a month to get the last 10. and yes, i agree. >> if were you to guess, which giants starter would have the lowest e.r.a., most would go with tim lincecum or matt king, but instead, it is a guy who wasn't even on the team until mid april. lion vogelsong has the second lowest e.r.a. in the national league. not bad for a guy who wasn't even in the majors the last four years. last week, he was named to the all-star team. along with lincecum, kaine and brian wilson. >> i haven't started picking their brain too much yet. i heard there is a lot of stuff to sign. which is not going to bother me one bit. the road i've been on, adding a couple hundred baseballs is not a big deal. never in a million years did i ever think that my name and being a major league all-star would go in the same sentence. so it is pretty amazing. >> women, u.s. open, look at all of the rain, they had to huzle all weekend to get in as many holes as possible.
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and micka had a four under 67 to move to the top of the leader board through two rounds. they will try to play 36 holes tomorrow. paula creamer is five strokes back. last year's winner. pebble beach. champions tour. no one wants to dig too big of a whole the way jay haas is playing. much easier sand to hit out of on the 10th. and puts it safely on the green. haas is six under for today and and 11 under for the tournament giving him a two-stroke lead. kobe bryant recently had knee surgery. but he looked just fine when he wowed campers with a 360 dunk earlier this week. kobe said he would be open to playing overseas if the nba season gets canceled by the lockout. . speaking of europe, world cup quarterfinals. england and france is decided on
6:56 pm
penalty kicks. the back of the net here to put the french on top. and put all of the pressure on england's fay white. >> it is not in. france reaches the semifinals. >> france will take on the winner of tomorrow's usa brazil match in the semifinals. host germany would be left in tears, in the other quarterfinals. japan's corinna maryyama scores the only goal in the 108th minute. she won the sprint for the loose ball. japan holds the two-time defending champs germany the first world cup loss since 1999. they will take on either australia or sweden in the semifinals. team usa will have their hands full with the number one player in the world, marta. >> it will be a good game. updating the top story tonight, three men found shot to death inside a house in richmond, the scene is described as chaotic. this is the first video coming in to cbs 5 from the scene. one of the victims apparently
6:57 pm
lives at the house. no word on the other two men. the location is a public housing project in the richmond iron triangle neighborhood. police received a call to the location just before 4:30. we have a reporter on the way with full details at 10:00 on the cw and 11:00 here at cbs 5. that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news. we hope to see you again at 11:00. until then, the latest news is on have a great night. ,, ,,,,
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